I'm only me when I'm with you...


"My family is suffocating me with pressure to be a perfect student and daughter." (r.i.d)

people always ask me why i’m going into teaching instead of being a writer.

the number of notes on this in less than 24 hours and the number of people who said “same” or “exactly” or “about me” - that’s why. there is so much fundamentally wrong with our system. The only way to change it is from within.

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The face of Jesus - Judah Smith

Listen to Judah Smith delivering a talk on face of Jesus.


Sanctification - Matt Chandler

We cannot overcome the effects of sin independent of God, but He has provided the way to overcome sin and its effects through the gospel of Jesus Christ. In Christ, we display His supremacy and victory over evil as we arise over sin, shame and even death.